Sunset Overlooking the Charles River ♡


The weather was beautiful yesterday. I had the great privilege of watching the sunset on a friends rooftop. His rooftop overlooks the Charles River!


Isn’t the view beautiful?!?

P.s. say hello to my friend Sammy ❤


Although the weather was warm and beautiful yesterday it got a bit windy. So I decided to use my scarf to keep me warm.. and it resulted in a candid photo of me being taken.

I am becoming very grateful for this warm weather, I really hope the nasty cold weather is over!! Spring and summer weather please come sooner and stay for good.

How are you guys spending your time with this beautiful weather?

I hope the weather is nice and warm wherever you are 🙂

with so much love,

Screen shot 2014-02-22 at 11.51.59 AM