Mindo, Ecuador ♡


I am visiting my boyfriend in ECUADOR!!! He is from Quito, Ecuador…. oolala so latin. Over the weekend we were able to go to a tropical rainforest. Which was so exciting for me because I have never been to a tropical rainforest before.


We stayed in this cabin for one night and two days… the cabin did not have electricity which made things much more interesting and adventurous.


Look at the view from the cabin… isn’t  it so beautiful?


On the first day we went on a hike and I got to see many different trees and bugs that I have never seen before. I felt like I was able to see  Bug’s Life in real life!



The next day we were able to hike and  visit a few gorgeous waterfalls.


The water was so cold but I had the courage to swim a little in the water. Which was so much fun and a new experience for me.


The waterfalls were breathtaking.


I had such a great time and made new memories that I will never forget.

Thank you Mindo

with so much love,

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Sunset Overlooking the Charles River ♡


The weather was beautiful yesterday. I had the great privilege of watching the sunset on a friends rooftop. His rooftop overlooks the Charles River!


Isn’t the view beautiful?!?

P.s. say hello to my friend Sammy ❤


Although the weather was warm and beautiful yesterday it got a bit windy. So I decided to use my scarf to keep me warm.. and it resulted in a candid photo of me being taken.

I am becoming very grateful for this warm weather, I really hope the nasty cold weather is over!! Spring and summer weather please come sooner and stay for good.

How are you guys spending your time with this beautiful weather?

I hope the weather is nice and warm wherever you are 🙂

with so much love,

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