Boston Calling x Red Bull ♡


Recently, I had the opportunity to attend The Boston Calling Music Festival, Red Bull is a sponsor of Boston Calling and I was lucky enough to get a sponsor from Red Bull to attend this amazing music festival. Woo.


I don’t know if you know but Red Bull is really involved with music, they have their own Music Academy (which they will be announcing and opening applications for soon, so apply if you can, I had the opportunity to check out the Music Academy they had in Montreal last year and it was beyond incredible. For more info about the Academy check out my blog post about it here). The RBMA is a dream for any musician, vocalist, songwriter so if you have the opportunity to apply for it DO IT!

Honestly, I don’t know if you realize this, but Red Bull is everywhere supporting music. Recently, Red Bull sponsored Together Music Festival in Cambridge. Red Bull Music Academy also recently had really cool music events in New York, that I was unable attend 😦 They had Solange there and I was so upset I couldn’t go!! I know I know, but I will definitely be attending future Red Bull Music Academy events.

PS. I know  I have mentioned this in my other blog posts but, as you can tell the Orange Edition is my favorite flavor. 



Boston Calling had such an amazing lineup and amazing food!! I didn’t really take too many photos of the food but here is a awkward photo of me before I devoured that hamburger. I am telling you guys, Tasty Burger is a gift from heaven. 


My favorite show by far was Cage The Elephant, oh my gosh. They killed it. Amazing music and amazing energy on stage. I loved the energy they brought, every single person in the crowd was so engaged and so happy. I love that music does that, everyone came together to one place no matter their culture and beliefs and just enjoyed music among one another. We were all one. That is the power of love and music. 


Thank you so much Red Bull for sponsoring my day at Boston Calling. I am looking forward to attending future events with Red Bull.


With so much love,

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Cultura Giusta Facebook Page ♡

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Hi Everyone!!!!! 🙂

Cultura Giusta officially has made facebook page !! woo woo yay yay

I recently started my blog this year and have surprisingly  received enormous amounts of great feedback and positive responses. Which was very unexpected for me due to the lack of confidence I had in my ideas. Being a blogger has always been a dream of mine but I never had the courage to take action towards that dream.  This year I decided to  finally make it  into a reality. Which makes me realize that we have so much power to create our own  futures,  So I created mine 🙂

I am very excited to take on this new journey of mine, tag along if you’d like ❤

If you would like to continue supporting Cultura Giusta, here is the link to the facebook page-

thank you again for the support

with so so so much love,

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