4th of July Weekend ‚ô°

We went to Austin for the 4th of July weekend to celebrate my brother’s birthday ūüėÄ Here are a few photos and activities from our trip.


Lady Bird Lake ‚ô°

66465438_449744968939815_6232693369852657664_nThis is my family! We love going kayaking at Lady Bird Lake. Every time I am with my family we are continuously laughing.

66209572_730715860693173_633016611074211840_n¬†The great thing about Austin is that there are so many outdoor activities. Kayaking at Lady Bird Lake is one of our favorite outdoor activities to do in Austin. When you go to Austin this is a must ūüėÄ


Sway ‚ô°

66127392_457963448321822_7307330376706293760_nWe went to a Thai Restaraunt called Sway to celebrate my brother’s birthday. I didn’t get to take too many photos of the food (I know, I’m sorry.. I was just enjoying my time with my family so much) but if you are ever in Austin and want to eat some good Thai we recommend Sway.

Sculpture Falls ‚ô°

66178518_2364119363912585_2064430186065035264_nOn 4th of July we went to Sculpture Falls! It was so beautiful!! Look how pretty and clear the water is. To get to Sculpture Falls you have to hike. The hike is around 1.5 miles.

We made our lunches, brought fruits and water to stay hydrated.

66278038_205324907051334_7890248122712981504_n.jpgPeople were slacklining, swimming with their dogs and skipping rocks. It was so great to see a community of people enjoying the outdoors together.

65971930_366387334023514_5419394179383951360_nMe and Feli ‚ô° Look how pretty the falls are!

66599955_2069020656541755_3581151402216390656_nHere is a photo of my brother and dad. It was so great to spend time with my family. ‚ô°

66526526_674692866306493_2106504171027955712_nMy cute Mamma ‚ô°

66275837_379860659551447_6458135271211794432_nI really felt so blessed to spend this beautiful time with my family here.

Homemade Burgers ‚ô°

66143265_2151599461807324_7326976897147994112_nAfter Sculpture Falls Felipe made us his special burgers!¬† He has a special recipe that includes guacamole, sweet potato, turkey bacon and vegan cream cheese. It’s so good guys.¬† Let me know if you would like me to share the recipe ūüėõ


We had such a lovely time ‚ô° Love my Mamma

66454335_603170256871963_2176773791655395328_nWe later went to go see the fireworks in Downtown Austin. Look at the lovely view we had!

66291167_479546402804957_1530728053691383808_n.jpgHope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July with your loved ones. I am thankful for the time I got to spend with my family. I am feeling very blessed.

Austin is a favorite place of mine and I know one blog post isn’t enough to share my appreciation. Next time I go, I’ll share more of my favorite places in Austin with you. Okay? ‚ô°

 ♡Thank you for always reading ♡

With so much love,

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X Games Austin ‚ô°


My friend and I took a road trip to Austin, TX to go watch the X Games!!


My brother grew up as a skateboard fanatic which led me to grow up going to skateparks with him. So going to see a professional skateboarding competition was something that I always wanted to go to one day.

I  got to see many skateboarders that my brother grew up talking about when we were younger which was really cool.

We took a picture with the Big Air ramp. Can you believe that the tallest drop is 88 feet high?!? Now imagine going down that with a freaking skateboard!!


Me posing with the X of X Games… guys I had to document this moment haha

I was very very excited!


Alexa and I  got to go up this tower.

We were able to see the whole view of the X Games from up top!


I even got to take a selfie with the Big Air while I was up there.


Also we got to watch people practice way up in the air! Which was awesome.

11262918_969981946391337_1068381616_n (1)

Out of all the competitions that day my favorite by far was the Big Air skateboarding competition.

(In the photo the little black dot in the air  is actually Bob Burnquist who won the Gold Medal in the Big Air competition)


Bob Burnquist is one of three athletes that have competed in every X Games summer competition. He has won the most medals in X Games History  (27 medals)!!

Congrats to him and all the athletes that competed!!

I had such a great time, I would love to go again next year!

with so much love,

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Buddha’s Brew Kombucha ‚ô°


People think that being healthy means you have to make yourself eat and drink things that are not as tasty but that is definitely far from the truth.¬†I know I used to think that way but ¬†have explored and found products & recipes¬†that are far better in taste and are doing great benefits for my health. For example my favorite¬†Buddha’s Brew Kombucha.

¬†Kombucha is a fermented beverage that carries bacterias and probiotics. I know you’re thinking bacteria?? ¬†Yes!!! but it is the bacteria that is good for you. (Not all bacterias are bad).

Kombucha Benefits-¬†improves digestion, skin and hair, weight loss, increases energy, helps immune support, and¬†detoxification. (These are few examples of¬†many kombucha’s benefits)


I have tried most of Buddha’s Brews beverages and have loved every single one of them.

Buddha’s Brew first started selling their products at local Farmers Markets in Austin, TX¬†and are now selling locally in Texas and outside of Texas in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

For more information about locations and¬†on¬†Buddha’s Brew check out their website here-¬†http://www.buddhasbrew.com/

If you’re looking for a cool, fresh,¬†delicious, and healthy beverage this summer definitely grab a Buddha’s Brew.

cheers to us for enjoying being healthy ♡

with so much love,

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