Cultura Giusta is turning 1 ♡


Hello Everyone!! Can you believe it?! Time flies!!! I cannot believe I started this blog a year ago… it is soon to be Cultura Giusta’s birthday on January 9th. I am so excited. Yes, I am going to bake a cake and celebrate… I will also be sharing my mom’s yummy cake recipe with you guys on that day so be prepared.  I know I know, i’m a nerd…. but I just want to celebrate this year and all the life changing experiences that I have been able to experience. I have met so many beautiful people along the way that have believed in me and that have helped me. I always had a dream to start a blog but I was always so nervous and so insecure to start one. I realized that I had to be confident and to be daring.  I have learned to just embrace myself for who I am and not to let anyone else’s standards get in the way. This is just the beginning for me and I am no where near where I want to be. I am truly humbled by the experiences and opportunities that I have been able to experience this year. One thing I learned this year was to just go for my dream, to not be afraid, let my true self shine,and work hard! 

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported me this year with Cultura Giusta…. This past year has definitely been the best year of my life….Here’s to many more years of growth  on this journey together!!!



With so much love,

Screen shot 2014-02-22 at 11.51.59 AM

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