Nappa shaved her hair!!! ♡

IMG_3417Soo over the weekend I did this spontaneous thing where I decided to shave half of my head. I know…. Im sorry mommy 😦 but why not?! It’s just hair, it’ll grow back! haha

The great thing about the side shave is that I can part my hair in the middle and you can’t even notice that a part of my head is shaved.

Honestly, it might seem a little crazy that I shaved my head but I believe that I proved to myself that I am not my hair, everything is temporary, and it is freeing to know that I am not stuck in a certain image where I feel like I need to please others. I am my own person and it feels great not to feel constricted by certain criteria.

I hope that we can all find inner freedom in ourselves 🙂

Cheers to being spontaneous xx

with so much love,

Screen shot 2014-02-22 at 11.51.59 AM

329 thoughts on “Nappa shaved her hair!!! ♡

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